Standardize processes across publishing areas, by building a framework that can accommodate multiple division’s workflows

Build a dynamic application with the goal of allowing internal teams to have complete control over discovery configuration

Allow for designers to better manage workflow and demand in real time.

Create a color-coded system that allows the designer to understand the intricacies of each title at a quick glance.

Create a templated system that allows for maximum variety among titles and customization of design elements.

Create an intricate series of functions and inputs to allow the system to intelligently recommend cover art for each individual title.

Create a system that narrows down a large bank of template options according to the specifics of each title, allowing editorial teams to make an easy and informed decision.

how I conducted discovery

I worked with teams in the both the United States and the United Kingdom, so there were a lot of cooks in the kitchen. In order to keep everyone aligned at all times, I found it very helpful to work with Indesign to build flows and then share screens with all of the involved stakeholders simultaneously. This made it so everyone was on the same page, and everyone could follow along with the process. In-person workshops were also happening with editorial and design teams, but the entire team was updated with full clarity and transparency with every step in the process.

project results

It has been incredibly rewarding to provide my former coworkers with a system that makes their lives easier

Editorial teams love the ability to easily centralize key information and generate an informative brief for each title

Design teams have more visibility of their pipeline and can now better plan their workloads

The app is still in beta, though internal teams have a lot of love for it, thus far

smarter design solutions


how to profile a book and determine a design solution

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